Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jungle trek in Sarawak

Was a long weekend here in Brunei so we decided it time to hit some sweet borneo jungle action!! Myself and Tim did the trip to Niah Cave which is the biggest cave in the world and you access it by jungle trekking, ie: walking along a boardwalk for 4.5km in jungle. This sounds pretty easy and it was, only it was about 35 degrees and 99% humidity. We spent about 4 hours getting to and from the caves with some exploring in between of a wee local village, then drove back to Miri. Saw one monkey having a scream at us from his perch high up a tree, loads of butterflys the size of small birds and so colourful. B/c they have such large wings they fly alot of the time gliding like a sea bird. Didn't see any Orangutan unfortunately. Tim says they are only in Sabah province now. I was pretty stuffed by the end of the day and ready for a good big makan (feed). Great day though.
We stayed the w/e in this coastal town in Sarawak called Miri, maybe twice the size of dtown in a resort hotel with a sweet pool and all the trimmings of a hotel. Really nice weekend. Before heading home on the Monday we visited a Crocodile farm near the border. This place would make Steve Irwin turn in his grave. Crocodile skins and eggs etc all for sale, stuffed baby crocs too. This place had so many crocs to a pool/enclosure they were all having to lie on top of eachother. "We have over 2000 crocodile on our farm lah." I left amazed at seeing so many crocodiles at once but a bit sick that i'd paid to fund their farming project. I hadn't realised it was really a "crocodile farm."
Ramadhan has started now which means i'll have to work a whole 6 hours a day now, from 8 to 2. I'm not complaining...


Blogger Scotty said...

It sounds like you are roughing it. Here we are over the other side of the world and still find time to blog, while Latif slaves away in New Zealand and doesn't have two recent posts to rub together!

9/26/2006 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha ry i remember going to that crocodile farm when i was a little kid!

3/17/2007 4:45 PM  

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