Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I would've posted some photos

Well its striking midnight here as i write...i haven't been able to even get this far on the blogspot pages for some reason or other for over a week...? I dunno, anyway I tried on the off chance now and I'm in so i'll write a quick bit. Sorry, again no photos. I have them here but again they aren't uploading, so....use your imagination, thats always better anyway. I would have posted a picture I have of the monitor lizard that lives in our backyard sometimes staying the night in the compost heap before heading back to the jungle stream thru the fence and is about 150cm long maybe, i would have posted a picture of monkeys that play in the trees most of the day by the carpark of our local supermarket and i would have posted a picture of a turtle on the edge of a pond with a crocs beady eye eyeing it up from behind.
I've just finished my last assignment tonight, now nothing stands between me and a BPHTY. cool!! thats been afew years work i spose. I've been reading "The Idiot" by Dostoevsky while i've been here too. I've really enjoyed it and enjoyed the window into 19th century Russia its given me, as well as the wonderful character of Myshkin that he paints.
So, Saturday is my last day of work, then we fly to Ho Chi Minh City the following morning for our "holiday". We'll probably spend a fair portion of our time in the north, hopefully get to the Chinese border. Then down to Cambodia from about Nov 1st. I'm looking forward to it and am interested to see how i respond to what I see. I'd say Vietnam and Cambodia will be the poorest countries I've been to. sweat shops and poverty have been something thats been on my mind a bit more since being here. has also been the topic of afew conversations around here too.


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