Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh for Blue Sky!!!

Its been about two weeks since I've seen sky above me now. A thick layer of haze has settled over Borneo and isn't shifting. Some airports have been closed due to poor visibility and there isn't even blood red sunsets. I haven't seen the sun at all the last few days. For you geographers the worst it has gotten so far is 171 on the PSI scale.
So whys it happening? Kalimantan is the major problem and Sarawak to a lesser extent. People in these areas burn off jungle to plant rubber and palm olive trees mainly i think, and so huge amounts of deforestation has occurred, the temperature here has been rising for a number of years now due to less jungle and when you live where there is basically no wind all the smoke just goes up and then hangs there. This is apparently the worst episode Brunei has had since 1998 when for two month the haze was so thick visiblity was a mere 50m. From this I'd say Indo is not going to be getting any carbon credits in a hurry, but whether the govt likes it or not I think it will be a hard for them to stamp out all these people who continually burn off another bit of jungle for themselves.
So it needs to rain and to rain really hard for acouple of days over the whole of Borneo for this haze to go away. I do long to see some blue sky again.
As a side note I watched a documentary on the palne on the way over here called "An inconvieniant truth", its put together by Al Gore about Global warming and all the issues surrounding it. Its a little bit bias in parts and focuses mainly on America but I think its well worth the watch as it is very good at explaining the issues facing us concisely and for the most part quite accurately. Reading the papers about the world being the hottest its been for a million years, the ozone hole reaching record diameters and seeing all this smog makes me a bit gittery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mate... looking forward to seeing you in november... its been too long .. we might have to have a race... like old times

10/17/2006 10:25 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Hey mate...i'm really looking forward to it as well. am i still allowed to stay with you? I think i'll have to try on my sprinting legs on again, they haven't been worn in awhile for one reason or another.
Unfortunately the hospital internet has been down for two weeks here in BSB, they're not in a hurry to reconnect either so i apologise for not being able to post anything further. who know when i'll next get to a computer that allows me to. can but continue trying

10/17/2006 11:35 PM  
Blogger Scotty said...

That's right Lobster. This is a vicious love triangle scattered to all corners of the globe. One common bond keeps us together. It isn't a love of gorgeous women, expensive jewellery or an amazing array of cullinary delights. It isn't necessarily a mutual friend of ours (JC), nah it is the pulling power of the blog. Bloggers united!

10/19/2006 2:35 PM  

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