Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Terra Nova

Terra Nova was the ship of Capt Robert Falcon Scotts that he took down to the ice in his ill fated polar attempt in 1911/12, translated in Latin it means "new land", it is also the name of our family boat, a 7.6m twin engined Image boat that I have spent my last week on in Fiordland with Dad.

Its the first time I've been "over the hill" into Doubtful Sound since Easter 2004, the time before that being form 2 camp at Deep Cove so it was quite a special week. We started in Doubtful Sound but spent alot of the week also up in Charles and Caswell Sounds. I really love that place its all got quite a history, both geologically and maritime hardman styles of 19th and early 20th century. Each sound has its charms and a uniqueness.

Doubtful Sound; named Doubtful harbour by Cook due to the fact he was unsure whether navigation into the sound was possible by sail. Its one of the larger Fiords including its connected sister sounds of Bradshaw and Thompson sounds and is the site where the manapouri power station tailrace finishes in at Deep Cove. Hence the good access over the Wilmot Pass.

Charles Sound; home to the two monarches of western Fiordland as John Hall Jones puts it. Mt Irene (1,879m) and Mt Coronation (1,765m). Charles Sound -named after Capt Charles McLaren of the Sydney Cove in 1810- branches into two arms, Emelius Arm to the north and Gold Arm to the south (no gold was ever found in this stretch of water.) The Irene river runs into Emelius Arm and we spent part of a day wandering up there to catch a glimpse of Mt Irene who was swathed in cloud...We also spent alot of time in Charles fishing and cray diving catching cod, a groper and one or two shark.

Caswell Sound; this precipitous sound was first surveyed by a commander of the Acheron and an overland route from Te Anau to Caswell was found by Quintin MacKinnon (of MacKinnon pass fame on the Milford) in 1887. Himself and his exploring companion George Tucker never actually got to Caswell Sound however, getting to Lake Marchant and assuming it was Caswell Sound. It is infact near sea level and about 1 hours walk from the sound itself as we found out for ourselves, its quite a beautiful spot. Caswell Sound was also the site of the Caswell Sound Mining Company which mined marble there but only lasted around 5 years before falling to bits.

In all it was a marvellous week, so relaxing letting some motors do all the hard yards your legs normally do.....

Pictures are (from top to bottom).
Doubtful from the Wilmot Pass
Dad holding a fine Hapuka (Groper)
Sea/Sun etc
Myself at Lake Marchant eating Ripples Ready Salted chips
Terra Nova pointing up Emelius Arm towards the Irene river
Looking south down the coast and a nice display of some lenticular cloud


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks bloddy incredible mate... then kneee goes under the knife on tues... and life is pretty great...

3/27/2007 3:17 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

pleased to hear you're in a upbeat mood heading into op. a new strong knee!!! it will be good.

3/27/2007 6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, keen to hear a bit more about your trip up the Irene river, i.e. did you see any fish up the river? Thinking about going in their on a trip.


11/11/2008 1:05 PM  

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