Friday, June 29, 2007


It seems a lot of my friends are writing about weddings of their own or friends that are getting married at the moment, well I'm now the same. Off tomorrow for my friend Blake Hannas wedding in glorious Gore and my sister as of last w/e is engaged and is planning on getting married early in the new year to her man Ben Johnstone. Long has she suffered the surname Lobb and has been wanting to get rid of it for ages (i happen to quite like the name). We'd always given her stick saying she'd end up with "Mr Smelly" or suchlike but Esther will now become Mrs Johnstone, quite the harmless name, although Ben may yet take Lobb as a surname....

Life continues to clip along alright but flippin heck, how does one save to pay off a student loan? its getting ridiculous....I've been learning things such as this recently. When a cow is being fed winter feed it must eat plenty of hay when their diet consists mainly of swede as the high sugar content can cause blood acidosis and the cow moos its last mooooo

Enjoying Audioslaves Revelations recently, pity they broke up but hey, RATM is back!!

Pics are Ben and Esther at my grad dinner last year, perhaps a little inebriated and yours truly crossing the finish line on the routeburn, a little slower than I'd hoped.


Blogger Scotty said...

The marriage bug is spreading. Stand strong in defiance. Single people have more carefree fun and social goodtimes it seems. Apart from the obvious.

7/03/2007 5:06 PM  

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