Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Giffords Crack and more...

I thought I should write something about my little adventure at the weekend. Myself, Jude, Andy and Ollie drove into the Hollyford Valley on Friday morning and proceeded to walk our way through the bush and alpine terrain for 9 hours in the pouring rain. We managed just before dusk to find our rock bivvy -at the head of Lake Adelaide- for the night (sleeping under a tent fly would not have been fun) and crashed there the night.
Saturday proved to be more miserable than Friday weather wise so we sat in the bivy for the day and enjoyed The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for the day. We all took turns as pretending to be the school teacher reading aloud and then went back to sleep once we had finished.
Sunday ended up being a "Sun"day and we climbed Giffords crack onto Adelaide Saddle, climbed a peak called the Sentinal then climbed up a ridge to Barrier knob. From there we descended onto Gertrude Saddle and down past Black Lake into the Gertrude Valley back to the Milford road.
Pictures from top to bottom are: Adelaide Saddle, Judo and Myself on Sentinal, Ridge to Barrier Knob looking towards Milford.

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