Friday, September 16, 2005

Indian love story on MY blog!!!

Justin is probably my closest Indian friend and as of late I've been fortunate enough to be involved in just a little bit of his Indian love story.
So the saga starts with Justin returning from a Student Life conference saying he's met a girl who "scoops and dumps" and talks touch jargon with his touch rep mates. Naturally being the friend I am, I'm interested in this new interest and this is where the online saga begins....I now quote a bunch a comments left on my own and justins blog

  • Justin: here is a website which will inform you further after our conversation in your car.

  • Ryan: interesting and commendable link. Low melanin concentration though, how will you live with that?

  • Lilhannah: hmmm. i wonder why on earth ryan would be interested in THAT website? i'm flummoxed!

next we had a little conversation on my "back to invers" post

  • Justin: Did you see what lilhannah wrote, maybe she likes me! funny eh!

this was in reference to a comment posted on his blog about Top 5 christian pickups by lilhannah which read

  • Lilhannah: Hmm ....... I hope you don't assume that any and every use of numbers 5 and 4 [or 3 even] always have 'underlying romantic agendas'. I can assure you I have used all of those lines [3,4,5] with the opposite sex at various times, and I did not necessarily have a romantic agenda. Although, it is possible that at times I did. Knowing me, it's probable, actually. By the way, I've been studying Proverbs 31, 1 Corinthians 7 and 13, and I was just wondering if you'd want to be my memorizing partner for these chapters ...:P

so then i wrote to justin on my blog...

  • Ryan: yes i saw what lilhannah wrote, i think she does like you. how are you going to respond to such a forward, balsy proposition? then again, maybe she was taking the piss.

  • Lilhannah: BUSTED! both of you! I will neither confirm nor deny either of those conjectures on my motives for writing such a 'balsy proposition'. I'll leave you two to talk amongst yourselves about it.

So the question has to be asked, was this really a genuine busting or had Justy the sly dogg planned it like this all along? Anyhow, the comments did carry on if your particularly interested you can read them. Seems this little manouvre by Justy has worked a treat and the question remains....will it be a "happily ever after" Indian love story???

Picture: Justy moving in for the first kiss.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina continued

Here's the rest of the pictures. for some reason it wouldn't allow all of them on one post.

Awesome Katrina

Here are some pictures I took while visiting Louisiana just two weeks ago. If you hadn't already guessed, this is hurricane Katrina just as it came within sight of land. I think most of them (these are my best pictures) are also just before it hit New Orleans. Pictures like this make you realise the extent of the storm and why the damage was so severe. Nature can be very beautiful but also very angry, this is it at its most angry.
Also, I thought as a side note we have really outused the word "awesome". Awesome can describe as little as going shopping for chewing gum these days, so when pictures like this come your way awesome just doesn't quite cut it as an adequate adjective anymore.

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