Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another wee excursion

For those who are interested i thought i'd put something up about my latest mountain stroll. Was in Mt Aspiring NP with Jonway and Blake and we headtorched (without headtorches) into Aspiring hut on Friday under the stars. Got there at about 1-2 am set up camp, slept and got up again at 6 and were on the track by 7. Climbed Cascade saddle in the sun and got a primo view of Aspiring the whole way up finally reaching the top overlooking Dart Glacier and the Dart Valley. Myself and Blake carried on to Islington and Liverpool but didn't quite make Liverpool b/c of the time and we were getting dehyg.
Came back down and got back to Aspiring hut around 10 (just as the sunlight disappered) and Jonway had a mean feed for us. By this stage i couldn't feel my feet and was very sunburnt and sore, actually I've had pins and needles in my deep peroneal nerve distribution ever since Saturday to now...(deep peroneal nerve is between the 1st and 2nd toe) Another awesome w/e and some nice mountains, pretty good weather, with great people. A most excellent combination.

Click on images to enlarge. Photos are: 1) Jonway and Ry with Aspiring behind, 2) Blake looking along the ridge to Islington, 3) Ry & Blake looking back at Islington from the pylon


Yes. its an exciting time in the life of probably most people when they get to go to their first U2 show. I for one am at the moment now awaiting with baited breath the Saturday 18th of March concert. I actually managed to get a ticket via the Yeoman boys for the Friday night show. This was marvellous only it is going to be my last day on my first placement. I was going to have to ask permission to leave my last day 2 hrs early as my plane i would need to catch was at 4:05 and didn't arrive in AKL til 6:50 (40mins to get to Ericsson from the airport was cutting it fine).....Getting a "yes you can go, not a problem" was about as likely to be the response as a cat to brocolli, so i had decided in this instance it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission and take the punishment later (some people just don't understand that maybe a rock concert is a life or death situation...poor souls)
As it so happened Sir Justin the Bold txted me on my way back home from Aspiring NP to see if i wanted a Saturday night ticket? I was like "hmmm.....this would solve being late and getting a right hard spanking from physio school, yes i'll get one" so Justin along with Sir Michael the Dedicated, they staked themselves out on Queen St the night while I slept off some weiry legs...thanks boys. your the shiz and i'll be seeing you in March. yeeeehhhaaaa.
I'm also looking forward to meeting a certain Hannah too, although it is not my reason for the trip....

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