Thursday, August 24, 2006

Arise from the Dead oh blog!!

Yes tis been about 6 months since I wrote something of substance and I notice my last post sayd I'm going to Khon Kaen in Thailand in afew weeks time. Well no I'm not going there anymore for my last physio placement. It would have been nice but after that post we got given the tuition fee which was just a little unexpected and large. So myself and Tim formulated plan number two. Brunei. Yes it is an oil state with free public service and no tax but it is not Dubai!! Duabi is in the UAE in the Middle East while Brunei is on the island of Borneo in the South China Sea. Dubai has a king, Brunei has a sultan, Dubai is made up of arabians and ex pats while Brunei is made up of Malay mainly and ex pats. Dubai is built on sand while Brunei is built in jungle. Ok enough broad sweeping comparisons, just getting the point across that these two places are different and hopefully I won't get so many "oh Ryan I hear your off to Dubai"
So I leave on the 10th from AKL and have 6 weeks of placement there. Then both Tim and myself will fly to Saigon aka Ho Chi Min and have 3 weeks of ticky touring around before coming back home in mid Nov, in time for grad, U2 and Tim's shoulder op. goodtimes. theres news

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